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(Full Release + DLC)

2001. Several years have passed since the Raccoon City Incident. The Umbrella Corporation, which was behind biological weapons development that caused many incidents in the past, is on the brink of destruction. Perhaps, the most important session in Raccoon Trials is coming soon.

Claire Redfield, a survivor of those horrific events, her brother Chris and other familiar faces were invited to a party in a newly built skyscraper called "Relict" to celebrate their victory. But they couldn't imagine what nightmare awaited them there. Steel walls of "Relict" became their deadly prison and a new threat emerged from the darkness below. A massive skyscraper could hide mysteries beyond description... What evil do these walls conceal?

The events of this visual novel take place some time after the events of the video game "Resident Evil CODE: Veronica" and before the events of "Resident Evil 4". It draws inspiration from "Resident Evil Revelations" in terms of story-telling and character development.

The story deals with traumas of surviving characters and how they'll leave behind these relics of the past.

  • All assets included in the game are not mine.  All sprites, backgrounds, music and sounds belong to CAPCOM and their respective owners.
  • This is a fan game project made just for fun and I don't intend to make money from it. This project is a love letter to the great series and nothing more.
  • If you want to show support for this project just give me your feedback!
  • This is also a proof of concept that Resident Evil can work as a visual novel or as a fully story-driven game with great focus on characters' relationships.

Two languages (English and Russian), quick-time events, multiple routes, extra modes, battle system, merchant and some cool secrets!

Full Version is out now!

Approximate time to complete the game: 9-10 hours.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not in any way affiliated with Capcom. All rights belong to their respective owners. If you haven't played Resident Evil series yet, you should. It's awesome.

Updated 21 hours ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date 62 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure, Puzzle
Made withRen'Py
Tagsbattle, Fangame, Horror, Narrative, resident-evil, Sci-fi, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls, Interactive tutorial, One button

Install instructions

Windows / Linux / Mac version:

  • Download the .zip file
  • Extract the contents
  •  Open the game (.exe) and play

Android version:

  • Download .apk file to your phone
  • Install the game and play


Windows/Linux ver. 2.5
Android ver. 2.5
Mac ver. 2.5
Windows ver. 2.0
Android ver. 2.0

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Yo Dev, what's the name of the piano tunes that dude is playing at the beginning of the party? Need to add those to my library.

Ace Attorney OST - Turnabout Sisters (Piano).


I played the latest update and just wanted to say that this is one of the most intriguing Resident Evil stories I have ever experienced (and I played all the games and saw all movies (live action and CGI)).

It's packed with characters both old and new, but they all have some important role down the line. Even brief NPC characters at the beginning will be relevant later.

Claire's and Chris's relationship is so sweet! I also really enjoyed Elza's and Ark's character arc - they're so cool together and their personalities complement each other very well. Serious detective and a biker rich girl with some family problems. Claire and her new partner share an interesting dynamic as well. I think that was a perfect choice for her partner. No more babysitting Claire and more focus on her real issues and her past.

The main plot is interesting and somewhat refreshing for a RE game. Could very well be a part of the real canon. Dare to say, I'd like to see it animated. Especially scenes in Episode 5. Much better plot for a TV series than some attempts to do original RE plot without constant nostalgia pandering.

I liked all the twists and how all the plot treads formed a solid ending and an epic finale!

Thank you for this gem!

Thank you!


Hi and thanks for the v2.12 update.

If you're interested I've written a feedback in the comment section of v2.12 developement update post.


Thank you for your feedback.
I'm always interested in player's experience and ideas for improvements.

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I and really thank you for this game!.
I've completed most of it (I'm at 93% currently, nearly 9 hours of playing), and tested all of the extra modes so I'd like to report some bugs/difficulties encountered along the way (up to now).


1) English translation is almost complete and understandable but there are some sentences still in Russian like the following ones (and I'm not sure if there are more of these since I've also skipped some dialogs here and there throughout the game for lack of time on my end):
- In episode 3-extra, after an "input code" option:

- In Spencer quiz, after the first 10 questions, all of the advanced ones, like this one:

- In Alex Wesker quiz, the 10th question:

By the way, in order to complete those quiz I've had to unpack the main .rpa game archive and analize the .rpy source files.

- The following texts in the achievements page:
--> (see "Explorer"achiev.)

--> (see achiev. with Elza Walker thumbnail)

2) Mercenaries-Mode boss battle page is missing a "return"/"exit"/"back"  button, while the regular mercenaries mode battle pages don't:

3) The achievements page shows some issues:
- After completing the X-Episode all of the achievements got unlocked while there were many of those that weren't before that point, because I know I had not completed the required steps to unlock those;
- After that, achievements count shows an incorrect value of 33 unlocked elements over 31, as shown by in-game screenshots above (but if you count them there are 33 rows 31 of which are shown in English while the remaining 2 are in Russian);
- When all achievements are locked, their list is fully visible from start to end:

while, after more than 20 or so are unlocked, list height seems to grow so that the last row becomes partially/fully hidden (is the "Checkmate" achiev. in my case):

[ Gameplay Mechanics (Personal Opinion) ]

1) About the secret code required to unlock the X secret episode, game gives (only after some "extra-mode" activity) 2 options:
- find it in a place that is so generically described that it would be necessary to replay all of the chapters (and deal again with all of  the included puzzles, routes and combat minigames) to locate said place in the first place;
- decode a secret (unlockable) message;
Since the first option was a little too much, I tried the second one; however, in that case, game does not give you all the tools required to fully decode it, but instead the last needed step forces the player to use a rather unusual procedure with an external audio program and the OS system mixer (I won't spoil too much for whoever is reading this and has not completed this task yet), which would most probably cause the less experienced PC useres to simply give up. Also what would happen if, for some OS/Hardware limitation/problem, that required procedure is not feaseble anyway?.
Even if, instead, you'd like to use an external recording device, like a smartphone with the right app and audio recording capabilities, that would also be discriminating between those who can afford a smartphone with those functions and those who can't.
A solution would be to give the player an unlockable tool at the end of some extra task to allow you to decode the code directly in-game.
Finally, the game does not give a really understandable clue on where the secret code has to be input in after been decoded (in my case I've found the code input location only by chance);

2) Since game mainly revolves around dialogs and place descriptions rather than images and direct environment exploration, remembering a place location only by its name is challenging and it's even more so to even remember in which main or extra episode that place has been reached.
So for instance, when the following key is obtained:

I simply cannot remember what place said "Aeolus Edge lab." is, nor that "door 505" and in which episode I was supposed to reach them, so without additional infos the only way to found that door is by replaying all episodes from start (this is the same problem decribed previously at point (1) ).

3) Save functions: by disabling the default RenPy in-game save function (that can be used at any time otherwise) and forcing to use only your custom save function (typewriter/tape recorder/floppy-disk drive) you could make this game even more similar to a real old-school Biohazard game. In fact, in its current state, exploiting the default save function, it becomes quite simple to solve certain types of puzzle and it's even simpler to win in turn-base combat.
For instance it could be disabled in a hard game-mode level while in a novice-easy game mode both save functions can be used.

4) It would be helpful to have a quick in-game tutorial about the turn base combat system, expecially as soon as the first match begins in the first main episode (at least in a easy game mode), rather than having to read an help guide with only some info about it in the extra section mercenary-mode menù and only when (and if) you notice it in there.
In fact, in my case, it has taken some time to fully manage this system, given that I had zero knowledge of turn base combat before playing this game.

5) Mercenaries mode could be an unlockable feature like in the original BH games (I know there is the Hunters mode already but that is a well enstablished tradition too).

Anyway, I'll be following any future progress on this project (granted you have planned further updates ofcourse) and
thanks again for your time, interest and hard work!


Thank you for your feedback.

Future updates will indeed fix all the translation errors. Thanks for pointing some of them out.

I'll consider adding a small tutorial to combat system before the first zombie battle and other things.

Thank you for playing.


Oh, I didn't realize you finished the game up until now. I've only played ver 1.0 a while ago and didn't check for new updates. But when I get a chance I will definitely do a full playthrough on my YouTube and share it around because this fan game definitely needs more people to know about. It's just that good!

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It's not finished yet . There're only 2 main episodes and 2 additional episodes right now.

It'll be finished when ver. 2.0 will be released. So look forward to it!

Thank you for your support!


Full version is now released.

is there like a walkthrough guide? cannot figure the puzzles out and it really stops the gameplay there


Walkthrough Guide added.

See the development logs for more info.

Thank you for playing.


thank you, ok so far quite good, its weird seeing resident evil as a visual novel but this works, followed for future updates


Glad you like it!


From one maker of RE visual novels to another, congrats on the update!


Thank you!
I hope fans will like this.

Hi, I can't seem to get any audio with the game. I have set the audio settings up in Options, but I noticed that the application doesn't show in my Windows Volume Mixer (the volume button on the bottom right task bar). Have tried to run as administrator but doesn't change anything.


New version has been released. Many problems should be fixed now.

This looks awesome! Unfortunately my PC is currently out of commission so I only have my Mac... but if you do end up making an Android version I'd for sure play this! As soon as I figure out my PC situation I will definitely be downloading.


Android version has been released.


Thank you very much! I'm downloading it now


I'm really looking forward to this.